About this blog

The intent of this blog is to speak to cancer as a rite of passage, as an invitation to come fully alive.  Without denying the excruciating reality and hardship in dealing with cancer, can we also turn into the gift that our journey with cancer holds?  And can we make it ‘medicine’ for ourselves and for our people?

Cancer is a fierce change agent.  No matter what therapy we chose, cracked open by our dis-ease, we are invited, (and maybe privileged) to heal all areas of our lives on our quest to health and wholeness.  No more delay and no more compromise.  A freedom to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t resonate with us and to ask for what we want and what truly supports us.

Cancer changes our conversation with life.  Petty concerns vanish to reveal the bare bones of who we truly are and what really matters to us.  And somewhere in the midst of all the hardships that we face, we are mysteriously graced with the opportunity and the courage to find the life that is truly ours.  The one that has been waiting for us, since before we can remember.  The life that is our birthright.  Knowing that we won’t be here forever, our psyches urge us to be ALL that we truly are, to express ourselves fully and completely, to show up and to give what is ours to give.  Making healing a priority, we are invited let go of what we know no longer serves, a dysfunctional relationship, a job or carrier that is not aligned with our purpose, an environment that is toxic or anything else that stands in the way of our wholeness.

The cancer journey that often starts as a devastating blow, does indeed hold deeply transformative medicine for the heroes and heroines that travel the arduous path of cancer treatment and life beyond.  We find ourselves more alive, fluid, and open hearted.  Ever more precious and ever more connected to the individual beauty and gift of who we each are.  And, like all initiates since the beginning of time, we bring back huge gifts from the depth of our journey, not just for ourselves but for our people, our families and for all beings.

The medical world has begun to acknowledge the profound shift in people coming through cancer treatment and yet I have found for the most part doctors are clueless when it comes to the profound change in their patient’s life perspective. This blog is dedicated to witness, support, empower and celebrate the movement into healing and wholeness in response to cancer.